Beta-testing is Under Way

TAPAS is now entering its second week of this final beta-testing phase. Participants are providing valuable feedback about the usability of the service to help us prepare for launch later this year. It’s not too late to take part in this test; if you are interested in participating please register here: Participants are following a testing script, performing a series of tasks that include creating a TAPAS account, setting up a project, creating one or more collections, and uploading some TEI data. Test files are available for testers who don’t have TEI data of their own that they’re ready to use. During the testing phase, participants are providing feedback in discussion forums that we’ve recently added to the site. We have set up discussion threads on specific topics which we want beta testers to focus on. These forums also allow beta testers to provide immediate comments on their experiences and ask questions. After the testing period, the forums will form the hub of the TAPAS user community, providing a space for further testing activities, discussions, community support, and announcements. The testing process will take place over the course of about two to three weeks. We anticipate that the actual time required from each participant will be approximately 2-3 hours in all. After this testing phase and some final fixes, we will be inviting users who are interested in being early adopters to create real TAPAS projects to help us populate the service in advance of the formal launch. If you have a TEI project and would like to participate in this pre-launch phase, please let us know at


Entering the beta testing phase is an exceptionally energizing improvement for a few reasons. In the first place, it indicates that we are so near discharging this new form of the program. The vast majority of programming work has been finished to assignment help service the mind boggling procedure of mapping that Curriculum Trak is intended to support. This critical work will enable whatever remains of us to appreciate a consistent progress to the new form.

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