Who is TAPAS for?

Scholars who:

  • want to learn how TEI could facilitate their research
  • have TEI data but no local technical support for making it ready for publication
  • want to share their TEI data or transformation processes with others in their field
  • need a website to showcase their work

Teachers who:

  • want to teach TEI encoding and research methods in their classes, and share experiences with using TEI-encoded materials in their classes

Instructional Technologists who:

  • need a quick and easy mechanism for posting and displaying TEI files faculty use in their research and teaching
  • need to learn about the technical mechanisms behind TEI (TEI, XML, XSLT, CSS, etc.)

Librarians and Archivists who:

  • want to provide access to the TEI-encoded materials they hold
  • need another way to promote the work of their institution

TEI Novices who:

  • need to see what TEI-encoded texts look like, and would like to get a sense of what one can do with TEI-encoded texts
  • want to get hands-on experience with TEI encoding and TEI transformations
  • need some practical advice on the use of TEI

TEI Mavens who:

  • do not have their own transformation (XSLT) stylesheets
  • have TEI data and their own stylesheets but no way to publish it
  • have no local technical support for transforming their TEI data for publication
  • want to share their TEI-encoding practices and/or stylesheets with others, or see how others have encoded their texts
  • who want to ensure long-term viability of their TEI data

TEI Trainers who:

  • could use a variety of TEI projects for demonstration purposes
  • could benefit from a "sandbox" where students can work on their projects

The TEI-curious who:

  • are interested in how TEI-encoded texts can enrich reading and analysis

How can TAPAS help me?

TAPAS will provide a number of key services for users:

  • Simple-to-use frameworks for uploading and publishing TEI data
  • A library of transformation options that will take your TEI and turn it into a form suitable for reading, exploration, and analysis
  • A sandbox space for experimentation
  • Introductory and advanced workshops on TEI encoding and related XML tools and technologies
  • Consulting services from TEI experts to help you get your project done without the challenge of hiring and training staff
  • Long-term data storage and curation
  • Opportunities to connect with others working with TEI and share experience and best practices