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TAPAS is the TEI Archive, Publishing, and Access Service, which provides small projects and individual scholars a low-cost hosted framework for publishing and archiving TEI data. TAPAS is a great way to experiment with TEI in the classroom, get a new project off the ground, or keep your TEI data safe for the long term.

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TAPAS is hosted at Northeastern University and is made possible by the generous funding from the Institute for Museum and Library Services, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and the TEI Consortium.

Store your TEI

Store Your TEI

Open access to a digital repository designed for secure, long-term storage of TEI data, hosted and curated by Northeastern University

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Transform your TEI

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Share your TEI

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Join the TEI

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Correspondence of Ioannes Dantiscus Sample

Sample of the Ioannes Dantiscus' Correspondence Project of the Laboratory for Editing Sources, Faculty "Artes Liberales", University of Warsaw, Poland.

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SIL-Mexico Mixtepec-Mixtec Publications

This portion of the lexicography project deals with the only known body of literature in Mixtepec-Mixtec language which is comprised of series of 34* orthographic children's texts published by SIL Mexico (Summer Institute of Linguistics).

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